Are berets making a comeback?

Are beret's making a comeback?  The short answer is yes!   Both cotton and wool beret's are starting to see a resurgence of interest in multiple generations.   Berets tend to be recognized as a French accessory that women wear in Paris as their lunching with ladies, enjoying cheese filled baguettes and strong coffees in sexy little cafes.  

The people of France can always recognize a tourist because they like to wear berets when they visit their country.  

Netflix's popular series 'Emily in Paris' has been showcasing berets for a few years now.  Some celebrities have even been spotted wearing them, like Charlize Theron.

Charlize theron in a beret celebrities wearing wool and cotton berets

Emily in Paris is bringing back the beret in style again.  Fashion berets cotton and wool.

 Taylor Swift (the most popular person in the world right now) was showcasing a beret in her Karma video in 2023.  

taylor swift butter yellow beret trending 2023 karma eras tour video

The 'Parisian Aesthetic' was trending on Tik Tok last year as young women were styling their looks in a minimalist, clean, refined way.   Some influencers were also adding berets and showing how they can be worn. 

How to wear a beret.  Quality beret cotton or wool.

The blockbuster summer movie Barbie was also revisiting the look as Barbie paired a pink beret with a beautiful dainty dress. 

It has been some time since berets were all the rage.   It would be great if the renewed interest will grow into a full trend into the decade.  


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