Knits for spring and summer. It's a thing. Really!

However crazy it might sound to many, knits perform well for Parkhurst in later days of spring, straight into the dog days of summer. 

The reason?  Well, there are a few.  Firstly, women do not like being cold.  Not in their home, their office, a movie theatre, or a restaurant.  Also, because women prefer to cover their arms.  Either for modesty reasons, or because they may be self conscious.  Women like to be prepared for anything.  A knit sweater in their purse is like an insurance plan. 

In addition to all that, many women just like the way cotton feels on their skin. Breathable, luxurious.  

Pointelle knits - made in-house at Parkhurst - are made to be easily washed and worn, and we encourage that!  They are designed to take a beating in the wash, and we absolutely expect our customer to put their Parkhurst sweater in the dryer.  Like a good fitting pair of jeans, our knitwear will shrink back to its original shape in the washer and dryer.  

The value of a long lasting, forever knit sweater that is made in Canada, compounds year over year.    They are timeless pieces that you can leave in an office on the back of your chair, or at the cottage for cool nights.  

Parkhurst is proud to offer a high performing garment that is priced competitively and is meant to last.  

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