Winter cotton hats for warmth and style - 2023 and 2024

From pom pom beanie hats, to Canadian made warm fleece lined hats for men and women, hats can be stylish for the winter season.  

2023 and 2024 winter hats come in all forms.  Some generations like to use hats as accessories for indoor and outdoor.  Hats for men could also be worn as accessories.  It is a great way to express yourself throughout the cold winter months when everything you wear looks like a uniform. 

If you live in anywhere in Canada, then you likely welcome the warm and cozy feeling of a cotton, made in Canada, classic toque.  Wear it slouchy, or wear it slick tight to the head.  Take a look at Kendal Jenner's toque paired with aviator glasses for a sleek contemporary look. 

Kendal jenner in a slouchy black beanie pom pom winter cotton hat and aviator sunglasses

Walking the streets of Toronto or Montreal this winter, you might see hats styled with ear muffs over them, or in blends of yarns that have pops of colours to enhance the simple black and beige winter jackets that many people tend to favour.   Lean into the colours if you want to lift your spirits during the dark days of winter.  

Hats that are in style for winter 2023 and 2024 are the classic beanie, pom pom hats, and slouchy hats.  Wool berets are slowly making a comeback as an option for ladies.  Berets also transition well into winter and summer months. 

taylor swift karma video yellow wool beret

Men's hats do not change much throughout the years.  Hats for men tend to be similar to hats for women.  Options are more limited for men, but they also tend not to be as trendy. 

Check out our hat collection and stay cozy this winter.  


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