Are you experiencing Trend Fatigue?

Do you feel it? The overwhelming need to stay on top of every new look so you can be deemed stylish? From 'Coastal Grandma' to 'Barbie Core', trends pop up often and don't last too long. There was a time where a trend would have a generous life cycle of up to 2-3 years, but with so many creators transforming looks, trending and forecasting companies are deriving new trends annually. This vicious, short cycle is causing some women to experience 'trend fatigue' or 'burnout'. If you are finding the pressures of staying stylish exhausting, then take a break and tap into your comfortable cotton sweaters and classic pieces. When you see a trend that is screaming your name, then jump in once again and add some new fresh looks to your wardrobe. Stepping back from the seasons' most popular looks will also save you money. This might also be a great time for you to re-invent your current looks, and maybe start some trends of your own!

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