95 Years of Passion

The year was 1926. Our founder, Louis Borsook, was running a chain of Millinery stores when he got the idea of making and selling headwear. While in Europe he found Beret machines that had been abandoned in a barn. What followed was years of passion leading to the production of the renowned Dorothea Basque Beret (now known as the Classic Basque Beret). 

Three generations and 95 years later, the Borsook family continues to embrace this proud family business whose creed is a blend of nationalism, innovation and tradition: Louis Borsook, Beryl Borsook, and now, Steven Borsook.

What started as a small dream for Louis has grown into a multi-faceted business that produces women’s gloves, scarves, sweaters and many other items. 

Parkhurst has been a proud manufacturer of a wide range of exceptional goods for boutiques, department and online stores and has a large private label business. In fact, Parkhurst has been the designated manufacturer for many items required by the Canadian military since its founding. 

Our Commitment 

Our Canadian factory is focused on producing the finest fashionable and durable sweaters, ponchos, hats, wraps, capes, scarves, gloves and throw blankets.

Of course, it goes without saying that Parkhurst understands Canadian women better than anyone else and their needs for easy care and easy wear knitwear, coupled  with accessories that can stand the test of time, and fit within their busy lifestyles. 

Proudly Made in Canada 

We are also steadfast in our commitment to give back locally and are proud to support over 100 Canadian families in our manufacturing and sales. When you see the red maple leaf on our products, you are looking at a product that is designed and manufactured, right here in Canada.



Parkhurst believes in working towards a sustainable and zero-waste goal in our apparel production. We are constantly on the lookout for measures that have a positive impact on the environment and the local community. 

Since the early 1980s we have been a leader in utilizing recycled, eco-friendly cotton into our knitwear collections. These yarns produce easy care, easy wear garments that have resulted in saving millions of litres of water and diverting thousands of tons of fabric from going to landfill. In addition, we also mix these  recycled cotton yarns with polyester recovered from water bottles to ensure millions of these bottles never go into landfill waste.

We constantly endeavour to have a positive impact on the environment and were one of the first Canadian companies to stop the use of fur, leather, skins or silk in our products.