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What could be more romantic than a walk in the rain with the one you love (or even just like)?

If soaking hair is not your favourite look, why not try a hat that shows your style and keeps your head dry and warm.

Did you know that wool berets are naturally water repellant? Meaning the water just drips right off and does not soak in. Here at Parkhurst we have gone a step further and have given them a special repellency treatment to make them virtually waterproof. That's right, a wool beret that is entirely waterproof!

Every member of the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Airforce wears Parkhurst's classic navy military beret. Our brave men and women need protection in all kinds of weather. We do the same for our famous Parkhurst Basque Berets. Our hat collection is quite big, but our Beret collection has been a strong seller for nearly 100 years. 

Now you can grab something that can be scrunched up in your bag but still looks great  and show your style and elan in great weather and in the rain.

Since 1926 we have been making them right here in Toronto and we still use the same hand craftsmanship and techniques that makes a beret (and now a rain hat) a covering with style and flair.

It is a secret how we put them together and challenge you to find the sewing line (we pride ourselves on the fact ours is invisible) and they are still knitted (yup a beret is knitted!) and finished the same way for almost 100 years.

Who says you need to be dry to be in style? Get wet and look great!

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  • s breshears

    Your berets are the best available in the North American market. So many berets are cheap, scratchy asian imports whereas Parkhurst’s berets are made of soft beautiful wool. They are worth every penny.

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