Big bright colours for spring 2024

With the return of beige and neutral palettes for fall, women were feeling 'safe' in classic understated tones for last season.  Looking ahead to spring, knitwear will look a little different.  

Sure some Canadian made sweaters will still carry over the light beige undertone, but our collection of knitwear will offer women a variety of light weight bright sweaters and prints that are unique, comfortable, often cotton, and mostly made in entirely in Canada.  

Think hearts and rainbows to boost your mood for spring 2024.  Since the beginning of the decade, we have been in a whirlwind of emotions from feeling isolated, to feeling fear and sadness.  Nobody can escape these emotions, but with the help of fashion, it can help alleviate the discomfort.  

The fashion industry plays a huge role every winter to lift peoples spirits.  Just window shopping alone has been known to have positive effects on the brain.  Bright colours in sweaters and tops are like a hit of dopamine.  Heart prints are an expression of kindness and love.   Rainbows bring women back to their youth with the feeling of nostalgia and the overall feeling of a renewed you.  

Embrace the big bold colours and prints in fashion this spring.  Enjoy them like you would a bag of skittles.  


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