Calling all Parkhurst pet lovers.

If you have a 'fur baby' or two, then you might love all things that remind you of your pets.  Their cute paws, cozy fur, and loving nature have been inspirational to our brand over the years.  So we have continued to build off of the love of animals in our collections. 

We created our 'Walk in the Park Sweater' designed much like our popular Skylar sweater, for comfort and style, but with an extra touch of pet love. 

pet sweater hearts grey with paw prints long sleeve cotton


As cozy as snuggling with your pet, our 'Caterina Pullover' highlights a silhouette of an upright cat.  Wearing it will declare all your love to your precious pet.  

cat silhouette on cotton red long sleeve sweater

Year over year we also show support to other fan favourite animals like the bear, and sheep.  All these styles make for great gift ideas, and they are made of cotton, in Toronto Canada!


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