Can your clothing make you ill?

It is scary when you learn that something as simple as your clothing could make you fall ill.  In an article by the Guardian, they explore how this is possible.  

"Some chemicals found in clothing, such as BPA, PFAS, and phthalates, have been found in time-bound experiments and longitudinal studies to mimic hormones and interfere with our endocrine system, causing a little-understood cascade of health effects ranging from extreme weight fluctuations and fatigue to infertility and chronic disease."

Professionals are citing that chemicals can migrate to your skin.  A disturbing fact that for many women, can alter the way they purchase clothing.    

For a clothing brand like Parkhurst that creates fashion for all women, we know the importance of safety for our clients.  Where we can, we go above the industry standards and take every precaution to keep our customers, and our water system, free of harm.  

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