Fast fashion definition

The term fast fashion has been circulating for about a decade.  In short it means the consistent flow of inexpensive fashion production with no regard for the environment or humanity.  Often women's clothing. 

For instance, other fashion apparel companies are constantly churning out new styles and cheap fashion that is produced with synthetics that fall apart easily due to the inexpensive threads, quick production, and thin fabrics.  

These other companies tend to low-ball factory owners as they come to an agreement on production pricing and fabrics.  This results in employees being paid poorly, and working conditions that are not at industry standards.  When heavy quotas are in place, quality tends to be compromised.  

The impact on environment is very harmful.  When "throw away" clothing is worn just a few times and can not stand the test of time, it is sent to landfills where it can not biodegrade if it is synthetic.  Translation... the pile of trash continues to grow and can take thousands of years to slowly decompose.  Even natural fibers in landfills take years to biodegrade under a pile of garbage with no sun or oxygen.  

In the process of production, fast fashion can use very harmful chemicals that funnel into a clean water system.  The Jian River (Red River) in China is a perfect example of this.  This water pollution is very damaging and disrupts the water supply, leading to illness.  

Quality clothing is a key part of stopping the fast fashion cycle and moving towards a 'slow fashion' movement.  As a Canadian fashion brand, Parkhurst has been dedicated to creating long-lasting, timeless pieces, that can be washed and worn over and over again. The durability, style and natural fibers make Parkhurst and Cotton Country knitwear great value!  


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