From a teenager to a senior - Why women change their buying habits as they age.

A pattern starts to emerge as women start to gain experience.  In their teen years, they spend their hard earned money for fashionable short term items.  They do not care about the short-term quality or harmful effects to the environment as teenagers. Their brains are literally wired to think in the moment, rather than consider the future.  

A women starts to change her perspective about quality fashion items in her late 20's, as brands she used to love start to fail her.  At this point in time, she is considering staple pieces that can last longer, but still has not yet wrapped her mind around the idea of lasting a lifetime.  Only into her 30's does she learn that buying clothing that will last a lifetime will save her money and time.  Her time is valuable and she no longer wants to replace items that continue to lose their shape, fall apart, or breakdown in just a few wears.   Her environmental footprint starts to change at this point. 

For most women in their 40's fashion is very important.  Quality, and originality is important.  Looking the same as your peers in your younger years was fine to avoid be singled out, but a confidant 40 + year old woman wants to try something different.  She wants to buy long lasting, durable fashion items that look good and feel good.  Think soft breathable cotton.  

Into her 50's, a woman is still very much into fashion, transforming vintage pieces from her wardrobe and styling it with current pieces she is purchasing.  The demand for high quality basics, knitwear, and overall fashion is still very strong in this decade.  The pattern carries forward straight into the decades to follow.  

Through trial and error, all women get there.  They find brands they love (PS - Thank you for loving ours:) and fabrics they adore.  They become savvy over time and learn how to identify premium quality.   




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