I can buy myself flowers.

Miley Cyrus is absolutely right!  Women don't need men buying them flowers and chocolates.  We can buy them ourselves.  Whether they are the living kind that freshen up your home, or the knitted flowers we include in our Parkhurst sweaters.

beige long sleeve cotton tulip knit sweater flowers

You can buy yourself flowers.  If you want some fresh Tulips, then consider our new cotton pullover sweater called 'spring Tulips'.  If you do not have a preference, but just appreciate the beauty of flowers, then you will love our 'field of flowers' cotton sweater. 

It even has a cute side pocket to hold your flowers.  It is intended to fit semi-loose, and the length is closer to a tunic than a short sweater.  Both are crew neck pullovers made of 100% cotton in Toronto, Canada.  

Buy yourself flowers, and start the spring season off with positive thoughts.  

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