Invest in transitional pieces.

Before you can invest in it, you have to understand what a transitional wardrobe really is. 

Parkhurst sells plenty of cotton sweaters.  Some are light for the early days of fall, and others are thick and cozy for the harsh Canadian winters.   In a heat wave in September we tend to quite literally sweat it out, because we don't want to invest in light woven pieces, or 3/4 sleeve tops.  

One of the keys to investing in transitional pieces is investing in colours, not necessarily styles.  If you can't bring yourself to buy light weight pieces in August because you think you will be freezing in a few weeks, then consider buying the colours that you can also wear in the transitional spring period.  Usually between March to June.  

By buying neutral tones that cross over, in two transitional periods, will save you money, and use less real estate in your closet.  

Another key to investing in transitional pieces, is to get into the habit of purchasing styles that can be styled with ease.  For example, simple basics, or subtle prints like nautical stripes.  By layering them, you get more bang for your buck.  Or consider a knit vest.  It can be worn on its own, or over a button down.  

Finally, plan ahead.  Don't purchase transitional pieces on a whim.  Think it through, and buy them early so you can take advantage of the time to where them in season.  


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