Made in Canada Day - November 15 2023

Canada Day has been a consistent celebration since its independence.  What our country does not celebrate enough is the production of Made in Canada products.  Everything from Ketchup to knitwear production in Canada needs to be applauded because producing in Canada is not a simple task.  

Canada has stricter regulations and protocols to adhere to which also makes it challenging to produce in Canada for many manufacturers.  Businesses that commit to creating Canadian are faced with many challenges, and for that reason, on November 15, we are excited to be participating in Made in Canada Day to celebrate Parkhurst and other brands! 

The perfectly juxtaposed day is aligned with the gift giving season.  Why buy gifts made overseas, when you can buy gifts made in Canada?   For a variety of reasons.

1) Keep jobs in Canada and support the Canadian economy

2) Reduce your carbon footprints buy buying products that follow Canada's environmental standards, and avoid a shipping process that is hard on our environment.

3) Build up factories in Canada in the event that Canada needs immediate local production (eg - Covid PPE)

4) Support Canadian democracy and balance the shift of power that currently has control of the production of product globally. 

All great reasons to support Canadian made.  This Made in Canada Day, go buy yourself, or someone else, something pretty.  


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