Make-up free freedom

This falls fashion week was more than just flouncy spring looks for spring 2024.  It was also where celebrities came to make an appearance, and statement with their unique styles. 

One celebrity siting, at multiple fashion week events, was make-up free bombshell Pamela Anderson.   Known for her strikingly beautiful blonde hair and full makeup routine, she shocked paparazzi as she posed completely make-up free!

When asked why she is choosing to no longer wear makeup, she briefly talked about how the catalyst for no longer wearing make-up was the loss of a friend who passed of cancer.  

It is hard not to notice when one of the most iconic 'sex symbols' stops wearing make-up at 56 and she looks as good, if not better without it.  

This bold and inspirational move sparked the comment  "National beauty revolution has begun" by fellow actor Jamie Lee Curtis who has always felt comfortable leading the way for women to be naturally beautiful.

In a coincidental twist of support, the make-up free story was also a hot topic on Netflix series - Love is Blind season 5 last week.  Newly engaged  (they never saw each other before) Taylor Rue was asked to 'just not wear makeup' by her fiance whom she had only just met before their honeymoon.    Support for Rue was evident on social media as women encouraged her to wear makeup if she wanted to. 

Truth be told, women can be beautiful either way, and sometimes we just want to wear make-up for ourselves, not the rest of society.   It is refreshing to see that women and men are supportive of the makeup free movement. 

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