The purpose of hats

Typically, hat season is in the cooler months for the most obvious of reasons. 

Hats are primarily meant to keep our heads warm.  Especially wool hats, like berets.  They hold heat in and the wool naturally wicks away moisture if it is raining.  Rain drops will quite literally drip right off the wool.  

Although hats are primarily seasonal, they have historically also been used as a fashion statement, or as an accessory.  The finishing touch to an outfit.  From cold weather toques, to faux fur lined sherpa hats.  They can look cute, and stylish when paired with the right looks.  


Several religions require women's heads to be covered.  Some faiths use hats to accomplish that, and others use coverups that cover their head and face.  

Finally, hats have other uses that include comfort.  For women suffering from hair loss due to alopecia, or chemotherapy (chemohats), hats can be a place of comfort.  The feeling of a soft, light weight cotton hat on the head of a female cancer patient is described to be the most comfortable, refreshing feeling of relief.  Hair loss hats, caps, and headwear can also be stylish.  

Hats have so many purposes for women.  We here at Parkhurst are proud, and fortunate to be producing and making hats since 1926.  

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