Trending - Hearts and happiness

It is becoming increasingly clear that hearts of all shapes, sizes and colours (inclusive heart patterns) are turning up everywhere.  

Some people see hearts as a fad, but hearts historically never really go out of style. They only peak in demand, and there is a demand for love right now. The supply needs to meet the demand.  

'Love' sweaters with kind messaging can automatically make you smile. The charming, female friendly image can show up in knitwear, printed sweaters, cardigans, t-shirts and dresses. Embroidered or knit, they are not just for valentines day!  Much like an emoji, they can be used all year round.  

Hearts are here to stay in 2024.  If you like to wear your heart on your sleeve, consider the newest addition to our spring collection at Parkhurst/ Cotton Country.  The 'makes me happy' rainbow heart sweater is lovable (pun intended) and eye catching.  This pullover is made from 100% cotton in Toronto, Canada, and intended to fit relatively loose.  It is also intended to brighten your spirits.  Say yes to love and get behind this trend!


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