Why we comb our cotton.

Every woman knows that a great hair style can make your day – and a stylist with a great comb or brush you never want to lose.

At Parkhurst we agree, and that is why we only use “combed” cotton in our sweaters and headwear.

Most sweaters use carded cotton. We go the extra step and insist our suppliers not only “card” our yarn (untangle and partially align the fibers before spinning) but comb out another 15% of short fibers. They continue combing so all strands are in perfect alignment.

In the end the garment is more resistant to “pilling” (those short fibers making little balls on your sweaters) because, just like split ends we comb them out, which will result in fibers not falling out because they are longer strands. 

Combing out the short fibers is more expensive, but it creates a luxurious, durable, and softer product. Therefore, higher quality. 

We hope that just like a great hair stylist you won’t want to lose your combed cotton Parkhurst garment!

A Canadian made cotton sweater that is resistant to "pilling" provides you years of wearability. So we hope that you see our Canadian brand like a great hair stylist.  We care about the finished product. 

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